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This is a list of git commands for quick reference.
Kindly refer to other git tutorials if you are not familiar with git commands.

To check the installed git version

git --version

To see the list of git commands


Git configuration commands

Sets up git with your name

git config --global “<username>”

Sets up git with your email

git config --global “<email_address>”


Setup spotless in Android in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Add ktlint and spotless plugin in the app build.gradle file.

plugins {
id ""
id "kotlin-android"
id "org.jlleitschuh.gradle.ktlint" version "<latest_version>"
id "com.diffplug.spotless" version "<latest_version>"
// Other plugins

You can find latest version of klint and spotless here,

Step 2

Create a new Gradle…

The main advantage of using Firebase Authentication is that we need not maintain any server or authentication system.

But to create an authentication system with username/password credentials, we are required to have a custom authentication system.

Using Cloud Functions, solves the problem of having a server or custom authentication system…


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